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Seein' Things Clearly...?

Special Agents Smalls and Stone

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a master when it comes to preparation...the King when it comes to laying out a plan of action, which brings me to Design Artist Hareston Clay and the development of The Encounter Series Characters Tommy Smalls and Jerry Stone.

In my upcoming book release "Twisted" both men are corrupt FBI Special Agents who have joined the "Dark Side." Shape Shifters, both men are the epitome of evil, once you read about them, you immediately grow to hate their very existence.

After viewing the Book Snippets about the two characters, then Seein' Things Clearly...Clay became attracted to both men. I left it up to Clay to create them in his own image. For six months, we met on Saturday mornings at Starbucks in Goodyear, Arizona to discuss and go over his creation.

Once we got on the same page with the look we wanted, we agreed to create them in such as way as to get our fans to have to really look closely at what was being presented. On purpose, we wanted their image to be cloudy with hidden messages within. And, as the curtain is pulled back, for a closer look, we expect people with the worse eyes to see an image that they can't believe that...they're actually seeing.

Prepare yourselves then determine if what you really see. is..what you're actually looking at?

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Art Design by Hareston Clay

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