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The Love of Reading...Discovered?

A retired military associate just reminded me that during the early stages of writing "TWISTED" that I let him read an Excerpt regarding one of the characters (whose name I won't mention) has an affinity for tall, beautiful, Asian women.

After hashing over old times, he got right to the point and began speaking most emphatically of the erotic, "Kick Ass" sub-chapter, in "TWISTED", that gave him dreams of naked pleasure. After I finished laughing, he said to me, "Look up the book...The Golden Lotus."

Again, I laughed, louder this time because from what I know of him, he reads nothing. Not even Sports Magazines! After a long moment of silence, he said. "Your writing style is very moving. It hooked me, man. Check out the book."

Since word got out about me publishing a book and most of my friends and associates reading the Book Excerpts of "TWISTED" on my website, a lot of them are now becoming avid readers.

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