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A Toxic Work Culture Is Forcing High-Performing People to Quit

By: Tim Denning - Viral Blogger

If micro-management thrives and there is no trust in your organization, you are looking down the barrel of a toxic work culture. In a toxic culture, new ideas can’t thrive, people can’t be honest, bullying unfortunately occurs, leaders are given power that can go to their heads and fuel their egos, and an eerie feeling occurs at your company’s town hall/all hands when leaders ask for questions.

High performers know their strengths and are also smart enough to realize that if they can perform well in a toxic work culture, they can thrive in a Culture First company that looks after its employees. Identify the problems of your company’s culture, own them, and then become obsessed with asking your people how you can change them. Then, implement the changes.Fight toxic work cultures by making your company transform into being Culture First. It starts with people.

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