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The American People Know...Setting the Record Straight

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

A Message to the Republican Party…

The defeat of Democrat Hillary Clinton was your opportunity to prove to America that your party could be trusted to bring the country together. In your haste to regain power, you failed miserably from the start. As a party you were ill prepared, lacked concrete ideas about how to manage the PEOPLE’S business. You thumbed your nose at the very people who gave you an opportunity to keep America in good standing, not just with countries around the world, but with the very people (RIGHT HERE AT HOME) who counted on your leadership for their very survival. What’s so depressing about your lack of leadership is that it spread throughout the states where Governors displayed this same behavior.


As a Retired Air Force Veteran, I actually thought President Trump, our Commander in Chief, would take his role as the Leader of the Free World seriously. I was not happy that Secretary Clinton lost. But, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Figuring he would not lie and cheat and step on the people’s rights. I wanted to have faith in his leadership to bring the country together. Only to watch him deliberately go out of his way with the help of the Republicans in Congress and the Senate, State and local officials to include…Governors in states who cared less about the needs of the people and more about Donald J. Trump's infatuation with a Russian Dictator, Sadistic North Korean, Turkish and Saudi Arabian Rulers who, themselves, have little regard for “PEOPLE’S RIGHTS.”

It is too late, now, for anyone in the Republican Party to change their behavior. They have failed to read the true pulse of the country. The 2020 election will be their Trojan horse moment! And…they know it! They can’t smile and act like they’re winning because they’re not! Time is running out. Their days of running American into the ground are over.

The reckoning is here!'s, now!

For nearly 4 years, the American people have watched the total disregard and blatant disrespect for the Constitution of the United States. The PEOPLE have watched as politicians who were elected to tend to the “PEOPLES BUSINESS” have lined their pockets and the pockets of their elite friends and associates with tax payer money instead of doing what is right for the very PEOPLE who elected them. Through all the lies, games and empty promises…race baiting and attempts to turn the people of America against one another, “WE THE PEOPLE”, have seen it all for what it is. Nothing more than an attempt to take us back in time – which is where we have no plans to go, relive much less…tolerate.

This country has always been GREAT. It doesn’t need to be made great, again because it never stopped being great! Although, we are suffering from a temporary distraction that has ran its course. America will regain its true identity – where people that believe in morality, empathy, compassion, honesty and the true American dream of Liberty and Justice for All and not for just a select few but for all Americans regardless of race, social status, creed or color.

The grand standing is over!

Saying one thing behind closed doors then smiling while lying to the PEOPLE has run its course. Up until now, the PEOPLE have been silent…haven’t tipped their hand. In 2020, despite the obstacles, they are going to VOTE in HUGH numbers! They will not be dissuaded from what is their right as citizens to VOTE for the type of America that is for all the people.

Republicans…your time is up. The PEOPLE are going take the country in a different direction. The only thing you can do, right now, is decide how you’re going to EXIT. Your decision to be enablers, to be willing participants in dividing American woke the PEOPLE up! Turns out we were all watching...actually paying attention! We were nodding our heads, while all along knowing that WE needed to make the change that we seek.

There is a new wave coming and it includes all American’s regardless of whether they are from BLUE or RED states.

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