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There’s no use in looking over your shoulder…

In his latest novel in the Encounter Series, Tyrone Street and The Blue Lady, Stella Vaughn are back! One year has passed. Yet, one problem still plagues them…General Benson and FBI agents Smalls and Stone have kept their promise. To get even!

There’s nowhere to run, no one to trust…

Street continues to be a target and the feds are plotting to kill everyone on his team. In their quest to contain the shapeshifting protagonist, Smalls and Stone, Street and Stella must also fight deception and betrayal when their efforts lead them on a cross-country chase where they discover a new player in the game - a sadistic futuristic killer that has ties to local law enforcement and government agencies.  


They’re everywhere…

No Mercy by Carl Alan Smith

SKU: NM 0002
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