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Author Carl Alan Smith launches his brand-new Five Book, ENCOUNTER SERIES with TWISTED:  A breathless story that combines fact and fiction with a plot that springs one jaw-dropping surprise after another. Carl Smith will plunge you into a dangerous realm of rage, desire, betrayal and revenge.

Twin brothers are tracked down and one brutally murdered in a Las Vegas alley by futuristic killers who have come back in time 50 years to the year 2005.

The leader and his two beautiful, mysterious female accomplices are interested in only one thing...POWER! They will stop at nothing and they have the ability to alter their appearance allowing them to become invisible to the human eye. They can appear anytime, anywhere and as any life form.

Carl Alan Smith's Twisted is smart and sophisticated with a plot twist that will leave you shaking your head.

The intrigue and suspense continues with vivid and believable characters as the Encounter Series features Major Tyrone Street. A compelling and brilliant officer assigned to the U. S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment. 


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Coming 2022...Carl Alan Smith's tense, immensely entertaining series continues with No Mercy...the long awaited sequel to Twisted!

Action-Packed, Difficult to Put Down...


In his latest novel in the Encounter Series, Tyrone Street and The Blue Lady, Stella Vaughn are back! One year has passed. Yet, one problem still plagues them…General Benson and FBI agents Smalls and Stone have kept their promise. To get even! Street continues to be a target and the feds are plotting to kill everyone on his team.

Carl Alan Smith continues his strange and chilling series as Street and Stella hook up with Jerome Gantt and Carrillo El Duque Sanchez in a deadly high-stakes pursuit of serial killers on the loose throughout the country.  Bodies riddled with bullets are being found drained of their blood supply. Yet, there is no evidence of collateral damage or shell casings at the murder scene. Their investigation leads them on a cross-country chase where they discover the killers have connections to a sadistic futuristic killer that has ties to local law enforcement and government agencies.

Carl Alan Smith captivates readers again with gut-wrenching, chilling, twist and cutting-edge suspense with true-to-life characters so real they leap right off the page.

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          Carl Alan Smith is an author of mystery/suspense                             

  novels and the creator of The Encounter Series, a                             

                             Five Book Series. He has been writing unpublished,                                       challenging short stories since junior high school.

           His educational background in Administration and Business has

           provided him a broad base from which to approach many topics.

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Contact: Carl Alan Smith, Surprise, Arizona

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