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Art Design By: Emily Steele of Steele Roots

Recognizing the sensational and unparalleled Charcoal Art Design of Graphic Artist Emily Steele of Steele Roots.

I am so excited to have Emily Steele as one of our talented Graphic Artist for the Encounter Series. On a different note, I recently purchased 2 Charcoal Designs from Emily Steele's website.

The one in the caption below is titled: Leah Song.

I purchased Leah Song for my wife who saw this stunning work of art while browsing Emily's website. She loves Emily's art and asked that I buy another one for my sister. I was in Columbus, Georgia this weekend and hand delivered a copy of Leah Song to my sister for her birthday. She absolutely loved it!

Leah Song along with Emily Steele's entire art collection is available on her website.

To learn and see more of Emily's art designs. I encourage everyone to visit her at:

You have to see Emily's amazing art up close and personal on her website.

It is amazing!

You'll be hearing about Emily Steele, soon.

Carl Alan Smith

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