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Why I Haven't Updated My Blog...

Hello everyone! You haven't heard from me in a while on my personal FB Page. I had to take a small break from promoting "TWISTED" due to the passing of my Dad. I'm back now and it's time to get everyone updated.

Other than constant editing, and working on new book art projects, we've been putting together some exciting things for our amazing fans, The Encounter Series and our new release "NO MERCY." Additionally, we are in the early stages of finalizing the book cover for our upcoming release.

I couldn’t be more thrilled! As soon as we have everything completed, I’ll post it on my blog, and my social media accounts in the May Newsletter.

I’m getting back to work in full swing, now. Take care, stay safe and "Prepare Yourselves for an irresistible escape from fear that's unstoppable. "No Mercy is Here."

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