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Suggested Reading...The Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus

(aka Chin P'ing Mei - Adventurous History Of Hsi-Men And His Six Wives ) 1960

by Anonymous

Written in the 15th century, this is a Ming soap opera that follows the lusty and self-indulgent playboy Hsi-Men and his large and wealthy household. The books starts with his affair with the beautiful and treacherous Golden Lotus.

This book has been banned in China since the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Golden Lotus is a woman who becomes the mistress of Hsi-men. This is his first glimmer of her. "Her hair was as black as a raven's plumage; her eye-brows mobile as the kingfisher and as curves as the new moon. Her almond eyes were clear and cool, and her cherry lips most inviting... Her face had the delicate roundness of a silver bowl."

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