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Exciting News...!


Happy to announce that we are just 2 steps away from getting Twisted to the publisher.

Step # 1. The Twisted manuscript is ready to go to the publisher for formatting. So Excited! (I can't believe where we are right now).

Step # 2. Cover Designer, Erskine Leonard is getting the cover design finished...can't submit the completed manuscript until the complete cover is finalized and approved.

Although we still don't know the pub date, we are where we expected to be and appreciate everyone's patience as the process is not exactly what we expected...lot's of back and forth temporary distractions. We will keep everyone up-to-date on the confirmed release date. More info when I have it.

Meanwhile, as you know, by now, we just recently sent autographed copies of the Book Cover (Front ONLY) with a brief synopsis and picture of the artist (that would be me) on the back to our Encounter Series Fans. Request for the Book Cover is exceeding expectations. We are currently on the second wave of request. So, we are asking everyone to be patient as we are doing our best to get them signed and in the mail.

This is the actual Front Cover. As stated in step # 1, the completed cover and sleeve are in final completion by Cover Designer, Erskine Leonard. We will keep the FREE Cover program going while supplies last.

FYI: A "FREE" copy of the Book Cover can be requested on our website's home page or you can learn more about our cover design on Facebook at the official page for news and info for the Encounter Series and Twisted at:

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