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Publishing Update

Finally, we are close to giving everyone what they are looking for..."The Release of Twisted!" I know you're getting tired of hearing the same thing month after month but


We have the completed cover design finished, finally. But, we are getting some kinks worked out. Until this phase is completed, we cannot get the entire project to the publisher. As they want

everything sent over at the same time. Until we get past the final step of finalizing the cover, we cannot give a confirmed publishing date. I will post an update when we get the publishing date. I know, this is the same thing I said months and months ago. But we're very close, now. And...yes, Ms Tanya, I appreciate you and a lot of fans staying on top of this.

We're excited that you're excited and we're bringing Twisted to a reality and we are confident that you will be amazed at all the stories within a story that will definitely keep you guessing at what's coming next.

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