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Facts About The Encounter Series!

Time to Set the Record Straight...

Several people have asked about a movie or TV Series based on The Encounter Series for my upcoming book release "TWISTED".

The question has been brought to my attention but I have respectfully refrained from entering into any serious discussion until we publish Twisted. So, YES...I can confirm that there's no movie or TV deal in the works, but if that ever changes, you guys will be the first to know!

On the other hand, we have had really positive reviews for one of our Book Excerpts (Judgment Day). Of the five excerpts on our website, this is the most popular along with the Judgment Day Video (also on our website).

To allow our fans the complete Encounter Series experience, and what our first book, TWISTED, is all about, we will post a different Book Excerpt each month.

Join us online or visit our Official sites:

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