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New Character Art by Emily Steele

Hey everyone, we just love what all you're doing to support our cause and the rollout to the release of our new book, TWISTED.

Meanwhile, check out new art from Emily Steele. Her current masterpiece is a full sketch with background silhouette of the Blue Lady, Stella Vaughn. This is the third version of Stella Vaughn. Released in two background shades, Orange and Red. The previous two were drawn by Rachel Hernandez and Erskine Leonard.

We commissioned Emily to bring Stella to life to showcase the bad ass warrior as she is depicted in TWISTED (Book One of the Encounter Series). With crystal blue eyes and under normal circumstances, when she is not mad or upset, Stella Vaughn is her normal tan complexion. But when she is forced to revert to her alter ego, her entire complexion transitions to blue. Thus the reason she is known as...the "Blue Lady."

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