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New Encounter Series Art Release

I did not expect to get this particular character out this early. Designer Hareston Clay began working on this project back in the spring of 2017. The ultimate villain who comes from 50 years in the future back to present day to create destruction, death and mayhem is know as "The Turk."

We met this weekend, H. Clay and I, and were very excited that we are going to see TWISTED out there soon! The concept from the beginning was to have the characters bring the book to life. And, based on the huge response we are getting from the Book Excerpts online, Judgment Day being the #1 Book Excerpt of 2018 and the artwork on social media has been very encouraging.

The support we are continuing to receive from everyone just continues to motivate us to get this project across the finish line. Being in 26 countries is totally unbelievable. Reviewing and replying to comments made about The Encounter Series is very exciting.

So, I will say to all our fans, thanks for your patience -- I promise your wait for the release of TWISTED will be worth it!

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