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Pre-Orders for TWISTED...!

Just an Update...

We began a soft rollout for pre-orders of TWISTED last Friday. We didn't expect the response rate to move in the direction it did but I have to say the initial reaction, though unexpected, was fantastic! We were planning to turn the link off on Friday, February 15, for updating to allow time for the Official Promo. Once, again, I am working with Graphic Designer Erskine Leonard on the Official Promo. I got a chance to see the initial draft two nights ago. It is totally AWESOME!

We hope to have it ready to launch after this weekend. That is if there are no major changes. In the mean time, we are getting a lot of calls about our pre-order agenda. If we don't answer right away...we promise to get back with you. If you have lengthy questions about the Encounter Series and TWISTED, feel free to reach out to me on Messenger or use the Contact Link on our website. This will allow me to fully explain things and answer questions.

If you enjoy what we're doing, our social media post for the book release and such, keep hitting the like button. Comments are welcomed, also.


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