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Another Shout Out for TWISTED!

A BiG Shoutout of CoNGRaTuLaTiOnS to my Good Friend, Mr. Carl Alan Smith, for his Book now in Pre order Publication!!! 😄 I worked with mr. Smith for 9 years with the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Diamondbacks, and he has been very excited over the years on his works, and trying to get his book published. I'm VERY Happy that his dream is Now a Reality!!! 😁 Thank You, for the Autographed Cover picture, I have Pre-Purchased Our Copy, and Peggy and I Both look Forward to Reading your works!!! 😊 **BiGG HaPpy CHEERS!!!** 😁 P.s., . . . I'll be posting up the link for Anyone interested in Purchasing a copy as well. 😉 Thank you!! 😁😁

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