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Pay Attention to What People Say out of Anger

A Repost of a Quote by: David Groggins

“Don’t let life hijack your brain! Life used to hijack my brain all the time! I used to worry about why this person didn’t like me, why that person didn’t text me back, why my girlfriend broke up with me, etc...these types of thoughts consumed my everyday.

I allowed these things that were beyond my control to hijack my everyday thoughts. All of this negativity followed me all day long. It is up to us to realize that we must fill our brain with goals- be ambitious! Like the body requires the proper nutrition to perform optimally, the brain requires positivity, self-confidence and, most of all, it is up to us to control it. Once that motherfucker gets hijacked, you are doomed! Something or someone controls it and they will take you for a fucking joy ride. Trust me- a lot of people enjoy these mind games and watching you respond like a puppet to their every command.

No one wants to fail a test. No one wants to get heartbroken. No one wants to get passed over for the promotion at work. No one wants to feel expendable. But, guess what? That is the world we fucking live in. You must learn to push past every single thing and person that wants to hijack your mind. It is critical that you always have goals in front of you so that those negative things that will happen to you don’t derail you and your plans. Make sure that you are the only one who owns real estate in your mind!” – by: David Goggins

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