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News about the release of TWISTED

We are closing in on the much anticipated release date for TWISTED. At this time, I want to get everyone up to speed on where we are and what is actually going on. A few weeks ago, we were excited to receive a copy of our first draft back from the printer. At that time during the review process we found some things that needed to be adjusted before the official release.

There were two key issues; 1 - The size of the book which was corrected on the spot. 2 - The format and layout which required major adjustments. We actually had to go back through the book, page by page to make the necessary adjustments. We downloaded the book and forwarded for review and reprint on Tuesday, April 16th. We will get another printed copy back within 3-5 days for review/inspection to make sure it is ready for release.

I know this has been a long journey for everyone. Although the list of things out of our control were unanticipated, we want to make sure that TWISTED not only meets but exceeds everyone's expectations. We have a great story to tell that. We also

know that TWISTED will be a must read that will be hard to put down.

Because of your support, the BUZZ around TWISTED is still strong and is growing by the day. Our audience is growing because you kept your interest in our project strong. Being up until 4 AM every night working on this project not to mention chatting with fans about out on the street and getting feedback about what we're doing are strong indicators that anticipation is high. We are days away from giving everyone what they have been waiting for.

Prepare Yourselves TWISTED is coming,

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