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As we turn the pages of our history, since America began many women, boys and girls of all nationalities and walks of life have been committed to the freedom of America. (Lyrics from this paragraph ONLY are from Barry White's Song America) The history of Black achievement and involvement in America, was not done quickly. It is not a quick one-time reminder, FOR ONE MONTH, of who we are or what we've done as "FREE" Americans to support the American Dream. We can be counted upon to do our part. Be it business, sports, the arts, music, motion pictures, dance, poetry, fashion, invention/discovery, agriculture, entertainment, law enforcement, engineering, academics, outer space, clergy, civil rights, politics or the U.S. Military, etc., Black People have and will continue to be an integral part of American Society Although February is recognized as Black History Month, We can't be content to wait around for February for people to recognize who we are and what we've accomplished. Those short 28 days of February that we share with Valentines Day doesn't even scratch the surface of our historical accomplishments and achievements. Black people are making history every day, right now. Let's not wait to be notified/reminded that it's time to celebrate what's been, has been or is being accomplished. Black an every day of every month of every year accomplishment that "WE" ourselves should not be afraid to take part in and promote. However, in closing this is just a reminder, y'all, DON'T FORGET, REMEMBER...the history of Black People in America is a marathon. It's a generational journey across time that was not done quickly. Recognizing our accomplishments to America good or bad, is not a quick lesson just so we can move on. DON'T WAIT, DON'T HESITATE...PARTICIPATE!!!

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