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Character Profile - Can Anyone Be Trusted?

I want to introduce everyone to Roscoe Gantt. One of the many characters in Book #2 of the Encounter Series - NO MERCY.

Known as, "The Candy Man"...Roscoe is extremely tall. A real tough hombre.

Retired military, he managed to keep himself in pretty good shape. A country boy born and raised in Phenix City, Alabama, Roscoe has the whitest teeth. If he was in a group of people you’d have no trouble recognizing him as he is always the loudest and he loves to signify (regardless of who he’s around) his exchange of boasts and insults is an constant game or ritual that only he can play and get away with.

While serving his country, he never managed to lose his southern drawl or down home, common sense outlook on life. An educated man, his most notable feature, other than his white teeth and dark complexion, is the 14 karat gold tooth on the right side of his mouth…the one that has a diamond shaped star in the center of it. If the gold tooth with the star doesn’t get your attention, then the familiar toothpick that is almost, always stuck in the left corner of his mouth will definitely get your back in a hump!

Unlike his brother Jerome who is an albino, who milky or translucent skin, blond hair and green eyes, Roscoe’s skin is dark, almost blue-black, looks like leather…has that rough, rawhide look. He is one of those people, you’ve seen ’em, that you could strike a match on his face and he wouldn’t flinch.

I got caught up writing about Roscoe and how it angered him to hear about how FBI Agents, Smalls and Stone along with a the rogue Air Force Commander, Lieutenant General Roger Benson had took it upon themselves to make his brother’s life a living hell then suddenly, unable to prove their case, the jackass Feds and vengeful general backed off. Roscoe has plans for the trio that will not end very well for them.

I am sure you will love Roscoe Gantt and his myriad of antics as he battles the Disease of More while combating the general and his two goons.

Can anyone be trusted?

Read Roscoe’s Profile:

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