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Some of us get what's going on. And, want to have skin in the game to fix things that we see are wrong.

Some of us see what’s happening but…don't care. Some of us read just enough to be satisfied then form an opinion because we are not willing to do our research to get the real story – get to the truth.

When it comes to people wanting to work versus not working, some of us are out of touch about people not wanting to work not knowing that some people can't go back to work because they are at an "AT RISK" age and their employer won't hire them because they don't want to be held liable. Some have medical issue that require them to stay away from the job and maybe work from home or be furloughed (laid off).


Some don't know what a Payroll Tax (FICA) is and what it represents on their pay stub but they act like you do. FICA is short for Federal Insurance Contributions Act, government legislation passed in 1935 to fund Social Security. Some don’t know that the

FICA tax is the amount of money Uncle Sam deducts from your paycheck every time you're paid. The money goes to the Internal Revenue Service first, then is steered into a Social Security fund to pay for Social Security program funding. A portion of your FICA tax also goes into the federal government's Medicare trust fund. (Medicare didn't launch until 1965.)

Do you really want someone suspending that temporarily until the end of the year and you having to repay it starting January 2021 regardless of who is president?


Do your research so you can be informed with facts that are true. This way you will understand where and how you fit in. What the president did yesterday will never put money into anyone’s hand or into their bank account.

Fact…the president did not sign into law any bills yesterday. He did sign three(3) Memorandum's, and one(1) Executive Order. He did nothing but hit Americans with smoke and mirrors which has the Nation turning on each other. Which is exactly what he wanted to do. And people took the bait...hook, line and sinker.

Let's face it, COVID-19 is going to get worse before it gets better. A lot of Americans will be out of work before it's all over, unless we begin to take it serious and get this under control.

The Governor of Arizona can’t save anyone right now. He's a dreamer! His fair weather leadership style only works for this dreamer when things are going good. He is auditioning for a cabinet position. Which he will never get. McSally is going to lose, again. And when this happens, Ducey's time as Governor is done! Arizonan’s will just have to put up with him for now and vote him out when the time comes.

So…let’s stop being part of the problem. And find a way to be a part of the solution for a better Arizona and better America! Arm yourselves with real knowledge, real facts! And, do your research!

And, yes...your VOTE does count.

Use it!

This way you'll know that you have a reason to complain. If you failed to participate in the voting process this November, you have no one to blame for how bad things are but yourself.

The future is now!

No more retreat. No more giving ground and compromising. The time to fix Arizona and America is, NOW!

You're either on the inside working to fix things or on the outside bitching and complaining about something you could have had a hand in fixing.

Remember, YOU have the POWER!

YOU…exercising your right to vote can prevent someone from taking away your – Social Security, Medicare, freedom, right to free speech and liberty away.


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