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Don't Miss the Heart Pounding Thriller from Carl Alan Smith

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

It only gets better, Book 2: "NO MERCY", starts off with strange, unceasing visitors from 50 years in the future who have with peak human speed, unbelievable s...tamina and shrewd intelligence. These new deadly, lethal visitors and their leader know as the Turk are not only hypnotic but can shape-shift - become anyone at anytime.

In this spectacular adventure, Tyrone Street joins forces with the notorious street thug,

Carrillo El Duque Sanchez. Together they must put their differences aside to prevent a vindictive Air Force Officer (Major General, Roger Benson) and his vicious goon squad (FBI Special Agents, Tommy Smalls and Jerry Stone) from recruiting members of Street's strike team. Their mission - use Street's own men to help the merciless Turk destroy all human life on Earth.

In "NO MERCY" - the stage is set for nonstop action, including deception, thrilling fight scenes, betrayal and the supernatural.

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the city where the player's play, Atlanta, Georgia - right down to hand-to-hand combat in Chicago's famous park, Tyrone Street meets his match in NO MERCY in an explosive, nail biting ride that doesn't slow down.

It only gets better!

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