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Exciting Hidden Art Details...!!!

Hi Guys! This is FBI Agents Tommy Smalls and Jerry Stone, two villains from my new book, THE ENCOUNTER SERIES. This amazing character sketch was created by our graphic novel artist, Hareston Clay. If you look closely, the drawing has hidden details.

Can you guess what they all mean?

If you bought Book One, TWISTED, then you’ve already read about Smalls and Stone. They return in a HUGH way in Book Two, NO MERCY. Also, their drawing will be included in NO MERCY along with other real-life characters!

It was a wonderful experience to work with Hareston Clay, who brought our characters alive in graphic form - like this sketch of Smalls and Stone. Clay read the book, and then we gave him detailed descriptions of the characters - and he created graphic versions of them!

More dangerous dead than alive, Smalls and Stone are hard, tough and dangerous as they go about their way sowing their seeds of deception, mayhem and destruction. We can't wait for you to meet them, and the rest of the "cast" of characters.

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