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I strongly agree!!!

When I have a point to make, I'm pretty sure that most of you that have work with me know, I would always say this: "LET'S YOU AND I GO FOR A LITTLE WALK."

I can't do the walk, now 'cause I'm staying away from large crowds due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

So, I have to get my point across from a distance. What I have to say is not a soap box issue. I'm hoping anyone reading this won't get that impression. However, it is sad the situation we find ourselves in these days. The lack of common courtesy, ignoring doing what we know is the right thing to do for what we really want to do, is so easy for everyone right now. Without giving it much thought, we just resort to doing what everyone else is doing regardless of the consequences. Even when we know that it's not in our best interest.

For a while, I was in my own little funk trying to deal with the pandemic. Circumstances beyond my control kept forcing me to keep moving the timeline on the release of my next book. It's important to me to get it done and out there. Yet, it really wasn't that important. If you know what I mean. Since March of this year, I have had a close up look at this pandemic as it has affected members of my family. And, as they say, "What affects you directly, affects everyone else around you...INDIRECTLY." The pandemic's indirect affect forced us to make temporary adjustments that if not handled properly can become major adjustments.

As time passed and more unexpected news dropped, I keep trying to think of something interesting and upbeat to post . . . but as I looked for the right words, I was determined to not let what is going on in our country, right now, get be down.

I hope that all of us are believing in this terrible pandemic and trying to live so others are not infected by your carelessness. Until the vaccine is administered to at least fifty percent of the population, wearing a mask and social distancing, even though it is something that most of us refuse to do, does not mean your freedom is being taken away. It just means you care for other people.

It's the least you can do.

Don't you think...

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