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July's Featured Art!

Can a rogue special agent survive knowing that people know his secret? Hey everyone, visit and follow for more info on upcoming projects.

Meanwhile, during the month of July we are featuring new art form of art by a new artist joining our Design Team.

Maulana Faris, who resides in Indonesia has joined out team. He will bring his Concept Art designs to the Encounter Series and Carl Alan Publishing. Maulana is an amazing artist. And, know Encounter Series fans will love his work.

His current masterpiece from the Encounter Series Character Block is a full sketch of Encounter Series FBI Agents, Smalls and Stone. They are joined by Tyrone Street's Strike Team Member and Rogue FBI Agent, Christopher Staley. You can read all about them in Judgment Day Book Excerpt from Book #1 Twisted that carries over to Book #2 NO MERCY.

This current drawing by Maulana Faris is recreation of the original drawings by Design Artist Hareston.

View the complete character sketches online at:

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