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I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and staying safe. You’ve been requesting more excerpts on Book Two, NO MERCY and as a way to honor your request, we are working to get that done.

Online right now is our latest excerpt, LIVING ON BORROW TIME. Please see below for the cover reveal and the details about the excerpt release, too--and a sneak peek at the latest promo for our Book Cover Reveal.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, you may have noticed that we've moved the release of NO MERCY to early fall. Since TWISTED was picked up by Changing Hands Bookstore, we are seeing sales for the last two weeks on the increase. Additionally, we are working with new Design Artists on character art for the release of NO MERCY which we will continue to showcase on our website and social media pages.

NO MERCY picks up where TWISTED left off. Tyrone Street and the Blue Lady, Stella Vaughn are caught up in a grim case of murder and retribution. They must fight deception and betrayal in their efforts to track down an unforgettable evil villain that has its own devastating plans for controlling the world. NO MERCY delivers non-stop action with an unexpected look into the world of shapeshifting, betrayal and sheer terror when unexplained murders and betrayal changes everything. We can't wait for you to meet them, and the rest of the Encounter Series real-life characters.



**NOTE: We'll have updated news on the release of NO MERCY in our August Newsletter. Stay tuned!**

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