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New Status Update Q&A

This will be a straight to the point post: (1) I’m recovering from surgery, which kept me on the sidelines a few days, and (2) I've completed major changes to NO MERCY. So, this is where my main focus is since I lost a few days and have to get back on track. Recovering, laying around the house in pain, right now. I still can't do heaving lifting and cannot exercise for the next 7 days.

Meanwhile, I’m getting a lot of questions about the status of NO MERCY, pre-orders and the newsletter, so I figured I'd do a

Q&A to get everyone updated.

When will you send out the next newsletter?

We are close to release date of NO MERCY, we expect to have the next newsletter out May 31st.

I subscribed to your Mailing List. How do I get the excerpts to NO MERCY?

They're on my website: Here's the link:

I'm a subscriber to your Mailing List, but I stopped getting the newsletter. What happened?

A lot of people previously signed up for the newsletter a while ago, but were purged because of our sites compliance requirements. If we send the newsletter to your email address and you don't take action; such as: (open the email) after 60 days the site stops sending the newsletter to your address.

Additionally: The newsletter might have been caught by your Spam filter. A lot of my readers are finding it there.

I'm not on your Mailing List, but if I sign up now, will I still get updates on the Release Date and when Pre-Orders begin for NO MERCY?

YES...most definitely! Here's the link to sign up:

I’ll notify newsletter/mailing list subscribers about the upcoming Release Date and when Pre-Orders will begin! We won't do a newsletter every month. I'll do them quarterly, and they'll related to appearances, new releases, special contest, sales or updates about our new Online Shop, so don't worry about me sending daily/weekly emails to inbox.

I don't want to sigh up for the newsletter, but I want to stay informed/up-to-date. How do I get that info?

I’m releasing it on my blog. So, all you have to do is wait for the new blog and the link will be there.

I haven't read any of the excerpts or the synopsis. I keep hearing about them. So, where are they?

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