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New from the Encounter Series!!!

This is Strategic Operations Force (SOF) Director, Stephanie Taylor, one of the heroines in NO MERCY, Book Two of The Encounter Series!

This awesome character sketch was created by our graphic Novel Artist, Draez Johnson. Book Two NO MERCY is in the draft stage with a release date of later this year. Some of your favorite characters from TWISTED return in NO MERCY along with a new cast of characters which means you’ll see new and amazing art designs! Additionally, character illustrations will be included in the book! Oooooh!

It was a wonderful experience to work with all of our Novel Designers, who brought our characters alive in graphic form - like this sketch of SOF Director, Stephanie Taylor. DJ did an amazing job creating version of Stephanie Taylor. She is beautiful, vicious and built for trouble. We can't wait for you to meet her, and the rest of the "cast" of characters.

If you'd like a sneak preview of NO MERCY, I just posted an excerpt! The book comes out later this summer.

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