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New Title Design!!!

Just keeping everyone up-to-date on the followup to TWISTED. The title of the next book in the Encounter Series will be No Mercy. The book is still being written along with new excerpts and amazing character art.

We will comment more on the excerpts, character art and release date in the the May Newsletter.

If you haven't got a copy of TWISTED, now's the time to get your copy. After all, you do want to know the rest of the story before reading No Mercy. Here's a sample the ARTWORK of the title for Book #2 - I am currently working with Erskine Leonard on. (THIS ONLY AN EXAMPLE OF THE SAMPLE AND NOT MY ORIGINAL DESIGN).

Meanwhile, Arizona isn't on mandatory stay-at-home, but it seems a lot of people are either out running around or choosing to stay home. Stay safe everyone.

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