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No Mercy Miniature Book Cover Card!!!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The release of NO MERCY is just around the corner.

We are in the process of sending out our Miniature Book Cover Cards to our new Book Review Team and Subscribers to our Mailing List.

Normally, we would be arranging book reviews and signings. Unfortunately, COVID is still having its effects throughout the country, so we are staying home, staying safe but we still want to stay connected with all of you and chat about the new book and what it means for our amazing fan universe.

If you are a subscriber and we have been sending emails to your address and they are not opened., the system automatically stops sending them to your address. (THIS IS A FAIL SAFE THAT I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER). If you would like a copy of the Mini Book Cover Card, contact us at:

As we work toward the release of NO MERCY, there will be new character art by our Design Artists and some really cool giveaways. We will be posting to or social media pages information about the release of NO MERCY. To keep up to date on everything that's NO MERCY, it's best to sign up for our Mailing List so you don't miss anything.

Finally, we are happy to announce that we will look to partner with local independent bookstores to bring NO MERCY to our fans once it's released. NO MERCY is self-published, so it will be published the same size as TWISTED.


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