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Protest and Police Injustice and the Change We Seek.

Like it or not, people are going to rally. They are going to protest. And they want their voices heard. It is something that has been going on in our, so-called FREE society, for years.

Protest and Police Injustice and it's affect on Freedom of Speech, Liberty and the right to live life on an even playing field is something that every American lives for. While, at the same time, we don't expect to have to die, unnecessarily for this right, either.

So we're faced with constantly asking ourselves questions like;

Who’s right?

Who’s Wrong…?

And, does anyone really care about making a change?

Unfortunately, there are people who want to take advantage of the chaos to support an alternative agenda.

The country needs to reform our justice system and how police interact with the citizens of the United States. Until this is done and people stop putting the "FAKE" label on things that happen, we are never going to look at this the right way.

Police injustice and racial profiling is real. I grew up watching this same thing happen in my neighborhood. I have it happen to me in Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Nevada and yes, in Goodyear, Arizona. Every instance, it just happened to be my day to get stopped for no reason and have a gun drawn on me for just existing that day. The incidents in Arizona and Alabama, I still have flashbacks to this day about how I was treated by the police.

Again, it's not FAKE, but real.

There needs to be a change in how police are trained and yes, there must be accountability for their actions. And, we, as citizens must learn how to interact with the police to make sure our direct/indirect experiences are encounters that we can walk away from, "ALIVE."

American’s, of all race, have been killing each other, every minute of every hour of every day. It happens so frequently 'till the nation has become numb to the fact that people in America are killing each other at an alarming rate. This is a problem that requires immediate attention. Yet, no one seems to have a solution to end these senseless killings.

Still, Black/Brown Americans, being killed at the hands of a police officer is something the nation is going to have to find a way to get a handle on, also. This, too, has gotten completely out of control.

This change in society’s attitude toward race and policing has been coming for quite some time.

It's here, now!

People throughout America, whether they like it or not, are having to face up to how they really feel about, protest, police injustice, race in America and the "Change we Seek."

How we deal with it is going to determine if we can fix this problem or allow it to destroy us.

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