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★★★★★ "Riveting! Had me from start to finish."

Here's a great picture sent to me by an amazing reader (Daron Blanche) who admitted that there are times when he just gives up on books that don't keep/hold

his attention. He just skims through them, quickly, hoping he'll find something in the plot or the overall concept that keeps him interested. That is until he heard about then bought TWISTED!

I'm happy to know that TWISTED captured and held his attention so much so that he couldn't put it down! 🙂 My favorite line of the review is, "Had me from start to finish."

This has been the constant comment for TWISTED since it's release. Which is the kind of books I like to write...ones that keep you interested/capture your attention.

The countdown is on, for Book # 2 of the Encounter Series - NO MERCY! And, if you haven't joined our Mailing List, "What's Holding You Up?" We have so many awesome things coming between now and the release of NO MERCY. Be the first to hear about new books, cover reveals, special content and more. Plus, you'll be eligible for special giveaways exclusively for subscribers!

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