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Still work to be done on Martin Luther King's Dream.

In celebrating Black History Month, we need to recognize that the "Dream" is about everyone coming together. It's something that can't be accomplished digitally or with hope's and promises. Or, by accepting FREE stuff, going online and using social media to like, comment, share your concerns.

To complete the mission, the "People" must bring the human element back into play. We must play an active part in demanding that our politicians - nationally and locally take care of the people and not sell us out to Corporate America for a tax break so they can feel good about that new minimum wage that was just passed.

Keeping us online, willingly and not talking directly to one another is part of the scheme. They don't want us talking to each other about how to bring America together. The day we get rid of or social prejudices and party devotions is the day that they all know that their time is up.

They divide us based on color and we fall for it. They separate us based on education and we tolerate it. They use what we are into to corrupt us against each other and we accept it.

Our soul should only be for sale to the higher authority and that's GOD. Not to any party. If all men and women in America are supposed to be FREE to take part in liberty and justice that is not bias then why do we accept/stand for anything less?

We willingly take the death march every election season to vote for someone that by design, have a controlled version of the American Dream that they want us to participate in. And, we do it without much resistance, without...much thought. That in itself is the very scheme that has us divided as a nation and as people. And, we know better but we do nothing except wait for some politician that want's to give us free stuff to save us.

We accept distorted versions of American as FACT when most of us that are old enough to know better should push back and demand what's right but we accept this distorted, alternative narrative. We will never, EVER, go back to the way things were 40 years ago.

No man or woman has the right to put limits on our rights and freedoms. We as people must demand two things; chance and opportunity. A chance to have the opportunity regardless of race to determine our own path. We have to be hip to the notion that we cannot be offered something FREE to get us to give away our rights as citizens.

There is no FREE STUFF!

Any politician that pushes this nonsense is full of shit! They know it and they're hoping we're stupid enough to fall it. My debt is my responsibility and I have to take the initiative to do what is right and take care of it. Anything promised to you that is FREE... comes with a price. It all comes with the deliberate intent to take away something that we have to pay for what's FREE. By the time we figure it all out, it's already too late.

But we can't see that.

Don't Forget, Remember...America belongs to the people...not the politicians or big business.

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