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Tuesday's Did You Know...😏

Tuesday's Did You Know...😏

"The needs of the many (Residents of Arizona) outweigh the needs of the few or...the ONE."

Our Governor is visiting the White House, today. Let's be on the lookout for Governor Ducey to come back to Arizona and what changes he has been convinced to make that will affect our safety and security.

There things to keep an eye on!⤵️

1) - Arizona is a huge Mail-In Vote State - we hope our Governor has the BALLS to protect our right to vote by mail.

2) - Opening up the economy - the last visit between these two is why we are in the trouble we're in right now. We opened things up too soon.

3) Opening the schools - most of Arizona wants to make sure it's safe to do this. Let's see if he is singing a new tune after his visit.

We'll be standing by - waiting to see if Governor Ducey runs the State of Arizona or not. For now, we'll have to WATCH and WAIT.

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