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Good News for Encounter Series Followers...!

Good news for readers who want to order a signed copy of the Twisted (Front Cover) Design:

You can do this two way's:

Go to the home page of this website and follow the instructions. Or sign up for our Mailing List and specify in the comment section that you're requesting a copy of the Cover Design. If you want it personalized, specify who you want it made out to.

Also, a special thanks to Kevin Johnson of ZTV Productions for the great review on The Encounter Series.

Here is his review:

"One of the best Series based on the author personality and personal experience. Very recommended! "

Totally Excited...!

That said, a note if you follow us online and you want to get a sneak peak at what Twisted is about: There are five great excerpts available for review and comment. So, if you read our page turning excerpts, be warned that you will not want to look away.

Finally, this Friday night is and we're working very hard to get the completed Cover Design finished to get Twisted to the publisher. If you haven’t already requested a signed copy of the Cover, go here for the details.

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