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Publishing Update!!!

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Finally, we are close to giving everyone what they are looking for..."The Release of No Mercy!" I know you're getting tired of hearing the same thing month after month but...


We have the completed cover design finished. We been spending this week in the final review process. We expect to get the entire project to the publisher the first week of August.

Keep an eye out as I will post an update when we get the confirmed publishing date. And with that, it's been long we've completed the new website design and updated our purchase link to begin the Pre-Order process.

I can't say enough about the support I'm getting from fans through the country and especially in Arizona. Thank you for waiting patiently. We're excited that you're excited as the sequel to Twisted is, finally, close to a reality. We are confident that you will be amazed at all the stories within a story that will definitely keep you guessing at what's coming.

Meanwhile, I have to let everyone know that our character art has gone global. We've had to spend a lot of time vetting our new artists to make sure they meet expectations. If you hadn't heard before now, we have a new design artist that has joined our team. His name is Maulana Faris. He is a soon to be exchange student. He resides in the country of Indonesia and will be coming to America to complete his degree process.

You can check out his amazing art for No Mercy at:

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