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A Female Assassin with One Goal: Survival.

She’s a Double Agent like no other. Amy Wong takes a back seat to no one. Sh does what she thinks, says what she thinks, and doesn’t care if you like it or like her.

She’s working for a man she can’t stand. And he’s using her to get to Tyrone Street and his team.

She’s good at her job because she understands human behavior like no agent in her class. Because she’s afraid she might be in to deep and slowly becoming what she fears, part of Ricky Lee’s web of deceit.

NO MERCY, a new Carl Alan Smith Novel: Double Agent Amy Wong leads a life of mystery and intrigue. She’s closer than close to Ricky Lee, a man most call dangerous but hey, they complement each other despite the trust factor.

Amy is dangerous in ways only Lee understands. As for their relationship, looks like that will have to wait. Right now, an old adversary still has Street in his crosshairs. And just when she thought she could take a deep breath…the rogue feds, Smalls and Stone are stirring up trouble, and her Backdoor Man, Freddy “T”, Street’s close friend and confident, is in a prelude to betrayal. On top of that, there’s a new Catch-22: dead bodies turning up in Georgia. And since Amy knows all too well that you can’t trust anyone, someone close to her has a secret…

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