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Hello Encounter Series fans! If you were a fan of my first book TWISTED - a can't put down book that opened with deceit and deception - the sequel, NO MERCY will not disappoint!

As we get closer to the release of NO MERCY, during the month of April, we are featuring amazing new, real-life, character art. This current masterpiece of the Blue Lady, Stella Vaughn is a remarkable remake from Design Artist, Rachel Williams More's original Blue Lady drawing.

Those of you who bought Book One, TWISTED and were fascinated and intrigued by The Blue Lady, well...get ready because she returns in Book Two, NO MERCY! And this time around, she must fight deception and betrayal in an effort to track a dark force that has its own devasting plans for her demise.

Prepare yourselves for a thrilled-packed, totally absorbing, shrewd, sharp, and gritty tale of suspense.

The Blue Lady Character Design by: Maulana Faris

Country of Origin: Indonesia

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