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News About the Latest Encounter Series New Thriller!

Been quiet for a while but I'm back with great news!

I’m working on the next Thriller in the Encounter Series! The sequel to TWISTED. The title is NO MERCY, which I will be releasing, soon! For those of you who haven't gotten your copy, yet TWISTED, is still available online and at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona,

That being said, NO MERCY is moving along at a progressive rate. And it's shaping up to be even better! We have five(5) amazing excerpts online. They're an inside look at what you can expect from NO MERCY. New artwork from our amazing Design Artists is coming that will totally WOW fans.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting new character art and later this month, we have another one of our amazing contest giveaways.

Ready Your Imagination!

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