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The Encounter Series - Book Two


A riveting new thriller featuring an ambitious female Special Ops operative by author Carl Alan Smith.

Before becoming an undercover agent for the Special Investigations Office (SIO), The Blue Lady, Stella Vaughn swore an oath to U.S. Constitution, but to also protect and defend not only the country but the Special Operations Force (SOF).

She will prove her loyalty when a defector within Tyrone Streets team turns traitor. Stella must use all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to expose the traitor, protect Street, and stay one step ahead of a rogue general and his tug assassins. That betrayal was the inspiration for NO MERCY forming the opening scene in Book 2 of the Encounter Series.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “…UNPUTDOWNABLE!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A Breathtaking Ride that Doesn't Slow Down!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ There is high suspense and multiple twist in No Mercy. If you're into real-life characters, unpredictability and want to spend some time in a different reality for a bit, then No Mercy is for you.”

No Mercy

The full series reading order is as follows:

  • Book 1: Twisted

  • Book 2: No Mercy

  • Book 3: The Teflon Man (Coming in 2024)

No Mercy


The snow had covered the Virginia Peninsula making traveling treacherous. Still…it did not keep important business from taking place.

They had come back in time — 50 years in the future. Their make their case, to...alter the future. They hoped to return to their time confident their world would be safe from the past.

The isolated, secret, location in New Port News, Virginia was the perfect place for an impromptu meeting, in the middle of the night, to discuss what would be Tyrone Street and Stella Vaughn’s impact on the future of their world.

In an abandoned building that should have been ready for demolition, they gathered inside a dimly lit office. Kareem Abdul Ali, a longtime member of Street’s strike team was at the site along with Strategic Operations Force (SOF) Director, Stephanie Taylor, her right-hand man, Hector Lassiter, and the flamboyant, Ladies Man…Tony Rucker, aka...The Young Girls Pride and Joy.

Lassiter, known for doing things by the book, had done the necessary leg work, and reported back to Director Taylor that General Benson and his radical goon squad were still out for revenge. They would not rest until Street was eliminated — victory through intimidation their goal.

Director Taylor and Lassiter knew from past dealings that the vindictive general and his henchmen, FBI Special Agents, Tommy Smalls and Jerry Stone, were the type you could not argue with, reason, or persuade from their set plans, nor convince them to change their behavior towards Street. Regarded as arrogant, unrelenting killers, Smalls and Stone wanted everyone who would listen to know they had a hand in the death of Street’s twin brother and sister-in-law.

Based on Lassiter’s findings, he discovered the deadly trio were not the only game in town. There was a new player on the block. An ominous force — a strange man, huge in size, well over seven feet tall, not of this world. Lassiter knew of his capabilities. He had watched this strange man carefully, critically and could confirm that the stranger had joined forces with General Benson, his goons and even a member of Street’s team.

The general was determined to fix past mistakes. He had a network of foot soldiers throughout New Port News, Norfolk, Hampton, the state of Virginia and around the country willing to do whatever it took to support their cause. And they were prepared to die, if necessary, to achieve their goal.

To make matters worse, The Blue Lady, Stella Vaughn, was on to them. Somehow, and they didn’t know how, she had managed to figure things out. And now…she was on their hit list. Their goal — either turn Stella or give her the same fate Street’s brother and sister-in-law had received.

Jerome Gantt was standing just outside the entrance to the isolated location. When he entered the building and walked into the room, Ali was sitting in one of the two leather armchairs.

“Ali…!” Gantt grinned and went on. “I can’t believe it…! I thought you’d be in the ATL right now.”

“Today is Friday, Gantt.” Ali smirked. “I have to meet Stella Vaughn on Saturday in Newnan.”

Ali pushed down with both hands on the leather armchair and stood up. He and Gantt embraced each other.

“It’s been a while, my old friend, hasn’t it?” Gantt grinned.

“A lot longer than either of us expected.”

“Yet…” Gantt grinned. “Here we are.”

Ali leaned closer and whispered. “I gotta tell you, Gantt…” He cut his eyes around the room and went on. “I been dealing with some weird, unbelievable things.”

“Weird…” Gantt gestured. “What type of weird shit are we talking about?”

“Strange, unbelievable things have been happening to me. You won’t believe what I been going through.”

Gantt watched Ali critically. He noticed that his skin was clammy. Ali was looking back and forth over both shoulders like he was looking for someone. He narrowed his eyes and to Ali he said, “hey man, you lookin’ for somebody, Ali…” He glanced around and went on. “…somebody lookin’ for you?”

“I try..." Ali frowned. "...but I can’t control what’s happening.”

“Of course, Ali, like I said…here we are…”

Saturday morning in Newnan, Georgia, Stella Vaughn did what she always does each morning – a quick 30-minute workout, shower then her traditional breakfast at her favorite downtown Atlanta restaurant. When she arrived at the restaurant, Johnny Thompson was sitting in a booth staring out the window at the morning traffic. He half turned and looked at her.

“How are things this morning, Ms. Stella?” Johnny said then glanced at Ali.

“Good morning to you, too, Johnny.” Stella said then cut her eyes around the restaurant.

She was looking to see if, Johnny’s side kick, Nathan James was somewhere close by. If she needed someone to have her back, Johnny and Nathan were two men she could always count on. Particularly, Nathan who seems to always be around ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

As expected, Nathan was on site. Stella caught a glimpse of him standing in the shadows of the restaurant. On cue, Nathan made brief eye contact, nodded then looked away. He knew the adverse effects of direct eye contact. Her hypnotic blue eyes are a death trap for anyone willing to risk losing their grip on reality.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice called out from inside the restaurant. Moments later, a tall, elegant middle-aged woman stepped into view.

Stella’s eyes widened.

She knew this woman.

“Hello Stella Vaughn…” The middle-aged woman said.

Her attention was on Stella, but she was looking directly at Ali, who was in Georgia a day earlier. She quickly turned her attention away from Ali and looked right at Stella.

“We have a busy day ahead of us…” Director Taylor said then glanced at Ali whose attention was fixed on Stella Vaughn.

It was obvious Ali was distracted. His eyes were everywhere. He appeared to be looking for someone in the restaurant but frustrated they were not there. Or were they there and just making it impossible for him to see them.

Tony Rucker was at the restaurant standing next to Lassiter. Both men were watching Stella Vaughn. When she cut her eyes at Ali. He was sweating profusely — appeared nervous, distracted. He inched closer to Stella and for the next few moments they engaged in quiet chatter amongst themselves. They were doing everything they could to keep their conversation to themselves.

Director Taylor saw the connection.

She would not be fooled, easily, by their hush-low tactics. She inched closer to Lassiter. “Mr. Ali…” Director Taylor narrowed her eyes. “You appear to be somewhere else.”

Lassiter cleared his throat. “Go ’head…” He gestured to Director Taylor. “Tell ’em…” he said then folded his arms.

Ali’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Tell me…?” Tell me what…?

Director Taylor grinned. “After you were selected by Major Street to join the SOF, I was introduced to you as SOF Director, Stephanie Taylor. Do you remember that conversation, Mr. Ali?"

Confused, Ali glanced at Stella. He shrugged and to Director Taylor, he said. “I remember catching a glimpse of you and Street off in the distance talking — about what…I really didn’t know at the time.”

Director Taylor grinned inwardly. “As I recall…you are known as the filthy rich, jet setting soldier, of Arab descent, who wants to make his own mark in life.”

Watching her critically, Ali’s mind went into rewind. He took a deep breath and when he let it out slowly, everything inside the room came to a complete stop.

Director Taylor moved closer to Ali.

“In the beginning…” She grinned. “You knew of me as… SOF Director, Stephanie Taylor. You could not have known, at the time, my true identity.”

Confused, Ali shrugged. “Your true identity…?”

“My team and I were incredibly careful about concealing my identity.”

Ali darted his eyes back and forth. Okay, so where is she trying to take me right now?

“I can sense…” She said looking right at Ali. “You’re wondering where this conversation is going?”

Ali nodded.

“In another world…” Lassiter cut in but stopped short when Stella Vaughn replied. “She is known as…S7.”

“Ali’s eyes widened. “S…7?”

When S7 inched closer to Lassiter, a shadow suddenly materialized in the corner of the restaurant. He watched, without saying a word, as Ali’s eyes settled on two women standing in the dark shadows of the restaurant. The women started walking toward S7. As they closed in on her location, their faces went through a transformation.

Tony Rucker turned to face them. As they continued to advance toward S7, they captured his imagination, quickly taking on multiple shapes that were as stunning as they were strange. They were dressed impeccably well, the two women, in leather pants suits, one black – the other red. Tony was quick to notice the gold necklace with the diamond shaped design in the middle of the necklace.

“Good morning, S7.” Both women said in sync.

Before S7 could respond, the one in black, the brunette, looked sideways at Stella Vaughn who stared back at her but said nothing, that is until Stella’s eyes shifted to Ali.

The one in black could see in Stella’s dangerous blue eyes that she was locked in. It was apparent that she had something on her mind. The brunette inched closer and to Stella she said, “Blue Lady…how long does it take you to transform back to normal?”

“Hide and watch…” Stella said then grinned.

“We know…” The brunette glanced at her partner. “You go through this blue transformation when you’re upset – when you get…angry.”

Stella shot a glance at Lassiter who shrugged slightly. Just ignore her stupid ass.

The brunette gave Lassiter a disparaging look. He returned her gaze – unsure of her intent, no doubt. Something in her attitude disturbed him. There was a long silent pause for a few moments, and Lassiter thought for a split second that her face began to transform.

Lassiter didn’t know it, but she picked up on what he was thinking. She glanced at Director Taylor then turned to face Lassiter. He knew he’d erred and looked away.

Meanwhile, Stella Vaughn looked at S7 then at the two women. Her shadow fell over the arrogant brunette, and to S7...Stella said, “Mr. Ali is about to find out that you and your team are here for a specific reason. A reason that has a lot to do with restoring balance to your world.”

“And Blue Lady…” S7 grinned. “Your way of life."


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